Socio-Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is currently the watchword around the world. Some activities such as industry and civil construction have been largely responsible for the aggressions caused to the environment in this century. At present, Civil construction answers for:

– 15.5% of GNP, employing 15 million people in Brazil;

– Buildings consume 70% of the electricity, produce 40% of the greenhouse gases, 50 to 70% of wastes, and consume 12% of the fresh water;

– Brazil alone consumes 220 t / year of natural aggregates in the production of concretes and mortars.

This stance has given way to concern with environmental protection, especially with regard for respect for conserving natural resources.

With this line of thought, Marko Sistemas Metálicos is honoring its commitment to the environment, incorporating these principles into the  mission of the company, from the conception through to the use of its products, from manufacturing practice to the day-to-day routine of its employees.



A member of the GBC – Green Building Council – since 2009, Marko is in line with the policies of conservation and preservation of the environment and take an effective part in these issues, joining forces in the search for the best practices for implementation of sustainable development in Brazil.

Marko participates in the Campaign “One Degree Less” encouraged  by the entity, which urges the population to paint roofs with light-colored reflexive paints. Manufacture of our roofs uses galvanized raw material, pre-painted, supplied direct from the plant. According to research, use of this method affords a reduction of up to 20% in expenses with air conditioning, besides reducing emissions of CO2, responsible for global warming.

Sustainable Facilities

The company’s concern with sustainability can also be noted at its facilities. At the new factory in Itaguaí, 70% of the 40,000 square meters are devoted to planting trees and gardens. All the irrigation of the green area and sanitation will be done using rain water captured through the Roll-on Metallic Roofing System. The product allows rain water to flow off to the edge of the building, easing its capture and thus eliminating the need for drainage grids inside the building.

Making use of Zenithal Lighting and Ventilation in the roof, the factory uses natural light 80% of the time only, ensuring energy savings, On top of this, the entire project prioritizes comfort allied to optimization of the use of lighting  and water from the faucets. After a preset time,  a timer turns off everything that does not need to be functioning continuously, tuning it on again in the morning. The faucets are also automatic, allowing socially-responsible use.

Manufacturing Process

In all the operations carried out at our factories there is an extremely low volume of waste. The industrial oils used in our machines are separated and collected weekly by authorized companies, and what is left over from scrap arising from the industrial process is destined to recycling or used in packaging the parts produced.

Our products are developed so as to make optimum use of the raw material supplied by the plant, that is to say, our blanks have sizes compatible with the standard of the material supplied, along with the use of lower rates of steel per m2.

All the line operators are qualified as required by standards and are constantly trained. The use of PPE is mandatory according to each function.


Intelligent logistics

The condensed form of storage and shipment (Coils and Honeycomb) allows trucks to always carry a full load, enabling a reduction in the number of trips and fuel consumption, while always respecting the limits of the highways and durability of the asphalt.


Green Products

Given their properties, the products manufactured  by Marko are considered 100% Green, from  their conception, manufacture, shipment, assembly, through to after-work and usability.

The products meet the requirements of environmental performance, before, during and after construction, plus the requirements of health and comfort of the users of the undertaking, optimizing projects for acquisition of the LEED and AQUA seal.

Steel is a raw material 100% recyclable, reducing considerably the index of waste in constructions. The Marko products are totally galvanized, offering even greater protection against environmental aggressions, allowing the product a longer life cycle.

Completely bolted, they eliminate welds, ensuring a clean construction.

The products admit ventilation, natural lighting and systems of thermo-acoustic insulation, avoiding islands of heat and sound reverberation (proven in tests by UNESP and IPI), affording savings of energy with lighting and cooling.

The Roll-on continuous coils carry away waters to the edge of the building, easing projects that foresee capture for re-use.


Clean and Safe Construction

Marko understands that the qualification of manpower is a primordial item for a clean and safe worksite. To this end it invests in training programs that address correct conduct in relation to assemble, and matters such as workplace health and safety.


The R&D department keeps up efforts in the development of specific safety equipment that function as items of protection additional to the conventional PPE required by the standards.


The products are totally bolted, and can be assembled on the ground and lifted ready, eliminating work at rooftop level, with a considerable reduction of the risk of workplace accidents and  boosting productivity rates at the site.

Similarly, they allow for simple maintenance, as the products can be changed individually, without great costs or engineering efforts.
As they are pre-engineered systems made up of standardized parts, waste is minimal.

At the work there is only the activity of assembly which, speedy and clean, allows quick demobilization of the site and a quick start for the core activity.