Be a Dealer

The Roll-on Dealer is the interface between Marko and the end customer. The Dealer is not just a distributor but a partner who has the opportunity, through the sale of the Roll-on System, to lever up his sales, added in products and services, which range from the assembly and supply of complementary structures to the performance of an overall supply contract under the turnkey regime.

How can the Roll-on System add value to your business?

  • The strength of the Roll-on brand eases participation in tenders, and is a visiting card that brings value to the negotiation, generating a differentiation from the other competitors for the business.
  • Sharing knowledge through training that qualifies the distributor and his team to sell and assemble the Roll-on System.
  • The Dealer can rely on technical and commercial support from Marko, which takes part from preparation of the project right through the phase of assembling the work.
  • Considering that the roofing item amounts to 30 to 50% of the value of the work, the Dealer has the opportunity to offer complementary items such as closing walls, supporting structure for the roofing, mezzanines, marquees, etc.
  • Greater agility in delivery and financial return, as the Roll-on System keeps permanent inventory.
  • An ongoing industrial process at the site, eliminating waste, optimizing manpower and meeting the delivery schedule.
  • Marketing support, focused on communication for the distributor’s region.

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