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Speedy opening

The deadline is determinant in the works of a Distribution Center. The Roll-on System has inventory for immediate delivery, ensuring meeting the tightest schedules and a quick start to assembly. Moreover, it is totally bolted and assembled on a production line, also contributing speed and agility at the worksite.

Flexibility in the internal layout and optimization of distribution of pallet racks and shelves

Roll-on allows the designer freedom for the definition of large free spans, limiting the need for transition beams in the roofing and allowing a better distribution of the internal pillars in both directions.


Meets in full the fire standards for use of the K2-5 Sprinkler

The declivity of 1%, exclusive to the Roll-on System, allows an effective gain in ceiling height, without a great increase in the height of the ridge, determinant in the light of the requirements of fire fighting projects. This differential allows the use of the K2-5 Sprinkler, which requires a maximum smoke height of 13.7 m for Distribution Centers.


Specific system of natural ventilation and lighting integrated to the roofing

allowing greater savings with energy and better thermal comfort inside the Center.:

Roll-on + MK90 – an option for clean, practical and economic closing

MK90 sheeting is an excellent option for the side closing of Distribution Centers, as its self-bearing characteristic allows reducing the need for structuring, resulting in a cleaner and pleasanter look inside. This feature is also a differential for the internal walls of modular sheds.


Absolute tightness and a guarantee of the integrity of the materials stored

With its exclusive coils, with no joins, holes or overlaps, the Roll-on System forms continuous channels that carry rain water away, always towards the edge of the building, doing away with the entire internal drainage grid and optimizing projects foreseeing the storage of water for re-use.

Sustainability for your undertaking

The ease of capturing water for re-use, white pre-painting, systems of natural lighting and insulation are some of the items make it easier to obtain greed seals, such as LEED and AQUA.

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