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A work that is speedy, agile, and with a guaranteed schedule

Schedule is a highly-important fact for the retail sector. Standardization and capacity for immediate delivery are fundamental differentials for meeting the work’s schedule. On top of this, a quick assembly on the ground, simultaneous with other activities, such as lifting, unrolling coils and finishing allows high productivity in assembling the Roll-on Roofing System.


More internal space in your store

Roll-on allows freedom of design for the definition of large spans, optimizing the use of internal pillars, plus the possibility of working with pillars not aligned, which contributes to a better organization of the layout of the store and distribution of shelves.


Ease in fixing accessories common to supermarkets

The structural modules of the Roll-on System are laid out in parallel, forming a supporting network, with all the drilling necessary to receive any installations, such a displays, banners, piping, light fittings and others.

Absolute tightness and a guarantee of the integrity of the products

The Roll-on System has exclusive coils with no holes or overlaps, forming continuous channels the entire length of the building, capable of carrying away rainwater, always to the edge, eliminating internal drainage grids.

Comfort for the shopper

Integrated solutions of complements, such as natural ventilation and thermo-acoustic insulation, enhancing comfort inside the supermarkets, optimizing the need for air conditioning and allowing savings of electric power.


The use of galvanized steel pre-painted in white and the standardized distribution of the trusses of the Roll-on System  affords a highly agreeable aesthetic effect, besides ruling out the need to install ceilings, which eases installation of the lighting and ducts into the very structure of the roof.