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Meeting the tightest schedules

The Roll-on System is a standardized product, pre-calculated, mass produced and kept in stock for immediate delivery. This speeds up delivery of the material and allows a quick start to the work. On top of this, as it is totally bolted and assembled on a production line, the product guarantees a high yield at the worksite and a quick start for manufacturing activity, allowing a speedy return on capital.

Savings with electric power

With its own solution for zenithal lighting and natural ventilation integrated to the roofing, the Roll-on System affords great savings in consumption of electric power, plus thermal comfort inside the facilities.

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Possibility of introducing greater overloads on specific points, without burdening the entire structure

Roll-on has a specific model for all needs of span and overload, always with compatible complements. When future needs increase, such as coupling up equipment like Pie Racks, overhead cranes and robots, common in industry, it is possible to make just isolated use of reinforcements, without involving the rest of the roof.

Ease of anchoring utilities in general

The structural modules of the Roll-on System are laid out in parallel, forming a supporting network, with all the drilling necessary to receive any installations, without improvisations, such as a sprinkler network, industrial ceilings and lighting, among others.

Longer durability and reduced need for maintenance

All components are manufactured in Galvanized Steel and Galvanized Pre-Painted, a raw material resistant to the most aggressive environments. marko-industrias-durabilidade

Allows expansions with ease, without affecting operations

Besides the practicality and flexibility of being able to put greater overloads onto specific areas in the future, the Roll-on System is totally bolted, with standardized parts, which do not vary from project to project.


Flexibility in the internal layout

With the Roll-on System there is no need for pillars to be aligned in the direction of the drop-off, allowing movement for the best optimization of the industrial plant.

Eases achievement of green seals, such as LEED and AQUA

Various factors, such as ease of capturing water for re-use, enable the product to meet the requirements of environmental performance, before, during and after construction, along with the requirements of comfort and health of the users of the undertaking, optimizing projects for obtaining the LEED and AQUA seal.

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