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Quicker return of the capital invested

Inventory for immediate delivery and speedy assembly, on a production line, besides a swift delivery allows agility at the worksite and the rapid release of covered areas for other working activities

Optimizing the useful area of the mall

As it can cover large free spans, Roll-on allows a reduction in the number of pillars, improving movement inside the mall and easing the distribution and layout of the stores.

Perfect interface of the roofing with operational structures in Malls

Safe and standardized solutions for intervention with skylights for natural lighting, installation of ceilings, air conditioning equipment on the roof, catwalks for maintenance, among others.

Ease in anchoring utilities in general. The structural modules of the Roll-on System are laid out in parallel, forming a supporting network, with all the drilling necessary to receive, without improvisations, installations common in Malls, such as air conditioning ducts, lighting, ceiling, sprinkler grids, etc.


Capacity of major overloads for anchor stores and cinemas

With Roll-on it is possible to make use of isolated reinforcements, which in the case of Shopping Malls allows boosting load capacity in critical area, where there is a need to concentrate air conditioning units, ceilings, acoustic insulation and other accessories. Besides safety, this facility allows savings in less-demanding areas.


Comfort for the customer

Integrated solutions of complements, such as thermo-acoustic insulation, improving comfort inside the supermarket, optimizing the need for air conditioning and allowing savings with electric power.

Allows expansions with ease, without affecting operations, as its entire structure is bolted and its parts standardized.