Comparative Advantages

Exclusive technology

The Roll-on System is a Brazilian product, developed by Marko based on the Brazilian and international standards and patented in several countries. The processes of manufacture, marketing and after sales are certified by the ISO 9000 standards.


Mass production and standardization

The Roll-on System is an industrial product, pre-calculated and standardized. Its parts do not vary from product to product, affording  practicality and speed, an agile and accurate budget, while optimizing freight, always with a full load.


Inventory, Immediate Delivery and Meeting Deadlines

Mass production  allows the maintenance of permanent inventory for immediate delivery, ensuring that even the tightest schedules are met.

Speedy Assembly

At the worksite, the same principles of standardization are applied. The system is 100% bolted, assembled on a production line, also ensuring a high level of productivity at the worksite. Assembly is simple, clean, without welding or improvisation, allowing the assembly of up to 3,000 square meters of covered area in one day.


A lightweight roofing to cover large spans

Formed by trussed joints, capable of overcoming large spans and overloads, with no need for intermediary columns, the Roll-on System is a lightweight roofing that reduces the loads on the supporting structure and allows a reduction of costs in other phases of the work.

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Absolute tightness

The continuous channels of the Roll-on System carry water always towards the edge, ensuring the perfect tightness of the roof. Even with the most intense rains, the standing water does not exceed 3 cm, negligible in comparison with the  25 cm depth of the channel formed by the coil. That is to say, a simple and efficient solution, both crosswise and lengthwise.


Greater use of the interior with a drop-off of 1%

A roofing that is practically flat, for maximum use of the interior. Greater useful ceiling heights for the same height of the building and savings with structures, closed areas and sprinkler system.


A complete solution

The Roll-on System gives the architect freedom, as the product contemplates all the needs of installations and accessories, such as air conditioning equipment, fans, thermal and acoustic insulation, chimneys, lightning rods, natural lighting, ceilings, etc, following the same principles of standardization, prompt delivery and practicality, features of the Marko products.

All complements necessary to  meet the demands of an up-to-date project are foreseen in the system, WITHOUT IMPROVISATIONS, without depending on the skill of the assembler, thus avoiding future upsets. This means to say that, regardless of your need for complements, constructive details and accessories, the Roll-on System is still like a huge Lego for fitting together.


Greater durability

The entire system is manufactured in galvanized steel, including the rivets and bolts, ensuring a far longer useful life and practically dispensing with any need for future maintenance.

Quality guaranteed

The parts of the Roll-on System undergo rigorous quality control, and are identified one by one in the manufacturing process, which attests to their properties and affords traceability of the material used.

The technical excellence of the products is attested to by the teaching institutions that validate the resistance and performance of the product, among them COOPTEC-UFRJ, PUC-RJ and Carleton University in Canada, plus DICTUC S.A. Institute for Investigation of Material at the School of Engineering, Catholic University of Chile.


Support for the project up to delivery of the work

Marko’s technical department is available to study and recommend the best use of the system, from the project phase through to performance of the work. Following conclusion, the customer relies on specific support from a maintenance area, which guarantees security after-sale.

Green roofing


The Roll-on System is 100% Green, from its conception, manufacture, shipment and assembly, following the work up to its usability.
Roll-on has sustainable characteristics inherent to the project, given that steel is a raw material 100% recyclable.

The manufacturing process  produces a very low level of wastes, and what is left over is used in packaging. Transportation is always done with a full load, respecting the limits of the highways.

Its structure is totally bolted, eliminating the need for welding and ensuring clean construction.

The manufacture of its roofing uses galvanized raw material, pre-painted, supplied direct from the plant. According to research, the use of this methodology affords a reduction of up to 20% in expenses with air conditioning, plus the reduction of CO2 emissions, responsible for global warming.

The product admits ventilation, natural lighting and systems of thermo-acoustic insulation, avoiding islands of heat and sound reverberations.

Proven by tests at USP and IPI, the “U” shape and thickness of the sheet ensure greater protection when compared to similar roofs, providing greater savings of energy with lighting and cooling.

Its exclusive coils carry water away to the edge of the building, easing its capture for re-use.

Given its properties, the product meets the requirements of environmental performance before, during and after construction, along with the requirements of health and comfort of the users of the undertaking, optimizing projects for acquisition of the LEED and AQUA seal.